Name issue: Mediator Nimetz hopeful Process is moving in Positive direction

Name issue: Mediator Nimetz hopeful Process is moving in Positive direction

Following Wednesday’s meeting with negotiators Vasko Naumovski and Adamantios Vassilakis in New York, UN mediator Matthew Nimetz said a solution to the name dispute was in the making, which would end the row.

Stoltenberg: Macedonia to be invited to Join NATO once Name issue is Solved

Stoltenberg: Macedonia to be invited to Join NATO once Name issue is Solved

According to NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg, the Alliance will invite Macedonia to join the Alliance as a member country once a mutually acceptable solution is reached to the name dispute.

President Ivanov not Signing decree for Law on Use of Languages

President Ivanov not Signing decree for Law on Use of Languages

“Taking the experts’ directions into consideration, I have decided not to sign the decree for the Law on Use of Languages,”  President Gjorge Ivanov said on Wednesday.

Formal academy to Mark 550th anniversary of Skanderbeg’s death Marked

Formal academy to Mark 550th anniversary of Skanderbeg’s death Marked

“George Kastrioti Skanderbeg’s ideas contain elements that are an ideal and strategic orientation for us today, too: which is a joint Europe,”  PS Talat Xhaferi said at the formal academy marking the 550th anniversary of the Albanian national hero.

27 April case Court of Appeals confirms Detention measure for MP Mukoski

27 April case Court of Appeals confirms Detention measure for MP Mukoski

Court of Appeals decided to confirm the detention measure for MP Krsto Mukoski in the case concerning the 27 April incidents in Parliament.

Bulgarian PM Borissov Calls Zaev to Greet Ratification of Treaty

Bulgarian PM Borissov Calls Zaev to Greet Ratification of Treaty

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov held a phone conversation with Macedonian counterpart Zoran Zaev.


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MACEDONIAN ORO LUXURY WATER Wins Gold Medal at the First International Fine Water Tasting Competition

MACEDONIAN ORO LUXURY WATER Wins Gold Medal at the First International Fine Water Tasting Competition

    FineWaters ( and the Fine Water Society in collaboration with the WaterExpo Guangzhou (Canton Fair Complex) conducted the first International Fine Water Tasting Competition...


See where are the best places to stay when you're in Skopje: In Macedonia one can find buildings built around the beginning of the new era and up to ones finished yesterday. Not too many of...


  By Plane Unfortunately, only few, mainly regional airlines, fly to Skopje and Ohrid airports. Besides the Macedonian Airlines, also Austrian, Croatian, Czech and Turkish Airlines, as well as...


National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Alpha Bank AD Skopje Halk Banka AD Skopje ...

Prices for 04.04.2012

  Bit Bazaar Green Market   ...

Medical services


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Road situation report - 07.10.2016

Skopje, 7 October 2016 - ­ Good driving conditions throughout the country on mainly dry roads. No delays are reported on the border crossings, except for the necessary period for customs formalities....

Road situation report - 20.10.2016

Skopje, 20 October 2016 - ­ Good driving conditions throughout the country on mainly wet roads. No delays are reported on the border crossings, except for the necessary period for customs formalities....

33 Offices for Young People Subsidies to Buy House Opened

Offices offering information on benefits of the subsidized housing project for young people have been opened in 33 municipalities in Macedonia, Vice­PM and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski told reporters...

President Ivanov Meets Italian Businesspersons

President Gjorge Ivanov in Rome had a working dinner with members of the Italian-Macedonian Economic Chamber which was formed in 2015. As the presidential cabinet announced, the businessmen briefed...

Amendments to Law on Mandatory Social Security Contributions

The Parliamentary group of VMRO­DPMNE will submit a proposal to the parliament on changes and supplements to the law on paying mandatory social security contributions. After long consultations with...

Business Forum in New York

What are TV stations reporting 15.05.2016

Reconstruction of Kumanovo –Beljakovce Section Begins

Minister Pavleski meets with Foreign Businessmen

Serbian Ministry of Agriculture on Solving of Wheat Import Issue

Government Simplifies Conditions for Crediting Micro and Macro Enterprises

Prime Minister on Foreign Investments and Underground Road Project

US Company Ascend Capital to Open Call centre in Macedonia

Vice PM Stavreski on Loans for SMEs and Industrial Zones

Solid Business Conditions of Confectionery Industry

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Bars & Caffes

Skopje has a wide range of bars and cafés. From modern bars with European flavour to cafés lovingly decorated with antiques. The quay of the River Vardar, the City Shopping Centre, Macedonia Street and...


Macedonia has become a country that offers a variety of products for sale ranging from Chinese goods to famous brands. As far as shopping for food is concerned, small local shops and big supermarkets...


Eat, drink, and be merry. Dine in or carry away. Whether you like traditional Macedonian food or if you prefer Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian or Vegetarian cuisine, you will find it in Skopje....

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Constitution Of The Republic Of Macedonia Banks And Savings Houses Act Citizenship Of The Republic Of Macedonia Act Code Of Criminal Procedure Code Of Judicial Ethics Constitution Of...


Swedish Helsinki Kommittee  




WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IN SKOPJE  Mirka Ginova 17 1000 Skopje telephone: +389 2 3062 879; fax: +389 2 3063 710 E-mail:


INTERNATIONAL COMMITEE OF THE RED CROSS  Kairska 6 1000 Skopje telephone: +389 2 3071 951; fax: +389 2 3064 121 e-mail:












On this site one should be able to find out what is going on in Skopje and Macedonia on social gathering side. So, if you have anything to share with all of us, please do not hesitate to do so. This is a place to meet friends!

of Skopje, Macedonia 

   Skopje Hash Hause Harriers


   Macedonian wine club - every last Thursday in the month
                                                           a wine degustation


 International Church of Skopje 




Kurzinhalte der Filme für die Filmwoche 2008 (englisch):

THE EDGE OF HEAVEN – Fatih Akin (Germany 2007), with Baki Davrak, Nursel Köse, Hanna Schygulla. Language: German with subtitles in Macedonian. Length: 120 min. Genre: Drama.

A film about the exchange between cultures, the changes in human relations, the ability to develop and learn. 
Nejat is professor of German literature in Hamburg. He disapproves of his retired father Ali’s choice of the prostitute Yeter to share his lonely life with. It is only when he learns that Yeter pays for the studies of her daughter Ayten that he changes his opinion of her. After Nejat’s sudden death, Ali is arrested and Nejat decides to search for Ayten in Turkey. However, he doesn’t know that the girl is wanted as a political activist there and has meanwhile come illegally to Germany. Ayten becomes friends with a young German woman, Lotte, who takes her into her home – to the dismay of her conservative mother. Ayten is soon arrested by the German police and deported to Istanbul. Lotte travels to Turkey to help her. There the fates of all of theses characters come together. 

ZEPPELIN! – Gordian Maugg (Germany 2005), with Olaf Rauschenbach, Alexander May, Agnieszka Piwowarska. Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 102 min., Genre: Historical Mystery.

Director Gordian Maugg will present his movie to the audience.

The disaster of the German zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg on May 6, 1937, is known as one of the most tragic accidents in the days of early aviation. The zeppelin Hindenburg, the largest aircraft ever built, caught fire and was utterly destroyed within 34 seconds while attempting to dock at Lakehurst in New Jersey. 36 people died. Among them: crew member Robert Silcher
His grandson Matthias researches Robert’s story. The investigation leads him to one of Robert's former colleagues, Karl Semmle. However, the old man rejects to cooperate with Matthias. He does not give up though and reconstructs his grandfather’s life. This is the beginning of a long journey into the past in which Matthias could also find the reason of his father’s profound sadness…

SLEEPER – Benjamin Heisenberg (Germany, Austria 2005), with Bastian Trost, Mehdi Nehbou, Loretta Pflaum. Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 100 min., Genre: Thriller/ Drama.

Johannes moves to Munich to work at the department for virology at the University of Technology. The Algerien Farid also belongs to the team of scientists and works on the same research project. Even before starting his job, Johannes is approached by an agent of the German secret service and asked to provide reports on his Algerian colleague. Although Johannes is appalled by the request and turns it down, his view on his colleague starts to change. Could Farid be a sleeper or disguised terrorist?
Beate, a young waitress, falls in love with Farid. But Johannes is interested in her too. At the same time, professional rivalry between Johannes and Farid increases. Personal and professional aspects, moral and political responsibilities begin to mingle indistinguishable from each other … 

STATUS YO! – Till Hastreiter (Germany/ Switzerland 2004), with DJ Quest, Sera, Yesim. Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 101 min., Genre: Drama. 

Director Till Hastreiter will present his movie to the audience.

Friday night in Berlin: In order to hush up an affair with his best friend’s sister, Yan EQ boasts with organising the biggest hip-hop party ever seen, within a mere 24 hours. Now he and his flunky Jamie need the equipment, musicians and some money to pay both, not to mention some other minor problems. In the meantime Sera, a poetry-writing giant who earns his money rapping in the underground, is fighting to keep his flat, sprayer Tarek dreams of turning all of Berlin into one gigantic graffiti sculpture, rapper Sässion has to flee the debt collectors and at the same time hide his girlfriend from her brother. The lovers seem inseparable until a horde of skinheads from the suburbs interfere... 

POOL OF PRINCESSES – Bettina Blümer (Germany 2007). Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 92 min., Genre: documentary.

The 15-year-olds Klara, Mina and Tanutscha from the Berlin district of Kreuzberg have known each other since Kindergarten. The best of friends are spending the summer at Freibad Prinzenstrasse, a large open-air swimming pool at the heart of Kreuzberg: their “pool of princesses”. They're feeling pretty grown up. Yet when it comes to their personal development and family backgrounds, the lives of these three young girls couldn't be more different. This documentation is about their search for love and something to hold on to. It is about how to use friendships to make up for everything so painfully absent from their homes. Their mixture of unadulterated charm and gruff, precocious manner somehow help Klara, Mina and Tanutscha to win respect as they find a way to cut their own path through life. – A surprise success at the box office in Germany.

FOUR MINUTES – Chris Kraus (Drama, Dtl. 2007), with Monica Bleibtreu, Hannah Herzsprung, Richy Müller. Language: German with subtitles in French and Macedonian. Length: 112 min., Genre: Drama.

Winner of the German Film Award 2007

Over 60 years Traude Krüger has given piano lessons in prison, but she never had had a student like Jenny. Introverted, unforeseeable, selfbroken, and formerly a real wunderkind. Though in prison, Jenny has the opportunity to participate in a prestigious piano competition and may even have a chance to win. But the preparation for the competition is turning into a duel between the recalcitrant Jenny and her strict, typically Prussian teacher. A duel, which touches deep hidden conflicts in the lives of both women. In a furious finale Jenny has got four minutes left to do something, what not even Traude does expect her to do.

ONE DAY IN EUROPE – Hannes Stöhr (Germany, Spain 2005) with Megan Gay, Ludmila Tsvetkova, Florian Lukas. Language: various with subtitles in German and Macedonian/ Albanian (Tetovo). Length: 93 min., Genre: Feature film/ Comedy.

On this particular day, the whole of Europe is in high fever over soccer’s Champion’s League final between Galatasaray Istanbul and Deportivo La Coruña which is taking place in Moscow… Language barriers are compounded by a chaos of another sort: 
A retired Russian woman comes to the aid of a young English businesswoman in Moscow, a German backpacker and a Swabian-Turkish taxi driver in Istanbul, a Hungarian history professor on a pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela and a Galician policeman, two French street artists in Berlin: They are all involved in robberies.
This film takes a warmhearted, and intrigued look at people in Europe, people who meet and misunderstand one another, who travel, arrive and depart – and who sometimes become close.

DIE NEUNTE [The Ninth] - Pierre-Henry Salfati (Germany, France 2004). Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 80 min., Genre: Music documentary.

In 1824 the 9th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven received its world premiere. Since then it is regarded as Beethoven’s musical legacy which made Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” immortal. This documentation tells the creation and reception of the 9th Symphony in its extraordinary beauty. As a musical symbol of the human community, with its ethical motive, its revolutionary ideals and unfortunately as well a weapon of tyrants. Accompanied by Beethoven’s music, Salfati follows the traces of this masterpiece in world history and tries to answer the question how humans beyond the senses of moral and ethics equally feel attached to this music as those they destroyed.

YELLA – Christian Petzold (Germany 2007), with Nina Hoss, Devid Striesow. Language: German with subtitles in French and Macedonian. Length: 88 min. Genre: Drama.

Yella has decided to leave her small town in eastern Germany for a promising job and a new life in the West. She leaves behind a failed marriage and broken dreams. In Hanover, Yella meets Philipp, a young executive at an equity firm. As his assistant, she gets to know the world of venture capital. Yella soon discovers she has a knack with ruthless businessmen. Negotiations become a thrilling game of quick wits in which Yella's looks are major assets. Yella sees a future with Philipp. He is serious, determined, and his goals could become shared projects. Yella could finally get everything she has ever wanted. But strange voices and sounds are plaguing Yella - truths from her past. She begins to worry that her new life could be too good to be true. She's determined to keep her eyes open - because those who sleep could well experience a rude awakening. 

LOST AND FOUND – Various directors (Various countries 2005), with Svetlana Yancheva, Krassimir Dokov, Ana Ularu. Language: Various languages with subtitles in German and Macedonian/ Albanian (Tetovo). Length: 99 min., Genre: Feature film/ drama.

The German production Lost and Found unites stories by young directing talents from several Central and South Eastern European countries: Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary, and Serbia.
Cooperating on this film project contributes to creating lasting new infrastructures, especially for up-and-coming artists. The four short feature films, one documentary, and one animated film reflect a new (cinematic) self-understanding, not only on the part of the young generation .
The stories in Lost and Found are tied together by the Estonian animated film Gene-Ration, which tells the fantastic journey of a matchstick man who helps give birth. – Not less phantastic are the journeys of Vera on her out-of-bounds Belgrade tram, two little girls from opposite sides of Mostar or the Bulgarian wedding company that has to do without bride and bridegroom…

CHILDREN OF THE MOON – Manuela Stacke (Deutschland 2006), with Leonie Krahl, Lucas Calmus, Renate Krößner. Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 87 min., Genre: Youth film with animation sequences

13-year-old Lisa takes care of her 6-year-old brother who is suffering the incurable "Disease of the Moon" and has to stay inside the house. As a pastime, Lisa has invented a fantasy game, and in their imagination Paul is an alien spaceship captain travelling with her, lost in space. Together with Lisa, he experiences fantastic adventures until the sunset allows him to live a normal live.
But when Lisa falls in love with Simon, her younger brother is jealous and his health worsens. Brother and sister have to learn to adapt with the new reality. There is only one solution: Simon has to become a part of Paul’s universe.

SCHULZE GETS THE BLUES – Michael Schorr (Germany 2003), with Horst Krause, Harald Warmbrunn, Karl-Fred Müller, Ursula Schucht. Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian/ Albanian (Tetovo). Length: 110 min., Genre: Feature film.

Schultze has spent his whole life in a small East German mining town. His life, divided between work and the pub, folk music and fishing, is rudely interrupted when he and his mates are made redundant. maintaining the daily routine deteriorates into a farce, Schultze discovers something new on the radio. He gets the blues. From his polka-powered accordeon the amateur musician coaxes the fiery music of the South, way too much for the local band. Faced with the choice of sliding back into the old ways or ending up as the local freak, Schultze makes a decision which will take him deep into the swamps and bayous of Louisiana ... 

TRUTH OR DARE - Jan-Martin Scharf, Arne Notling (Germany 2004), with Katharina Schüttler, Jochen Nickel, Therese Hämer. Language: German with subtitles in English and Macedonian. Length: 90 min., Genre: Coming-of-Age Comedy.

A year before her final exam, Annika, 18, is kicked out of school. She doesn’t dare to tell her parents about the end of her school career, so she keeps up the pretence of going to school every morning, but ends up spending most of her days cooped up in the wreck of an old bus. She is waiting for a good opportunity to confess, but the longer she waits the harder it is to tell the truth. The lie becomes the most important part of Annika’s life and she is struggling to keep up appearances. It’s an adventurous life to be a liar and it can be romantic too: She meets Kai, but Annika’s permanent lying threatens to destroy their love.

AND ALONG COME TOURISTS – ROBERT THALHEIM (Germany 2007) with Alexander Fehling, Ryszard Ronczewski, Barbara Wysocka. Language: German with subtitles in French and Macedonian. Length: 85 min. Genre: drama. 

A powerful drama proving that it is possible to talk about Auschwitz from today’s perspective in an intelligent, and empathetic way.Concentration Camp Memorial Auschwitz wasn't what Sven, a young German, had in mind when he signed up to do his civil service abroad. For him, Auschwitz is a small town in Poland, a strange language, but of course as well the most horrible symbol of the Holocaust: the biggest German concentration camp, and all the greyness of high-school history classes. To make matters worse, he's got to care for an unpleasant old man full of hate. Stanisław is a survivor who never left the camp and spends his time either giving contemporary-witness lectures, repairing suitcases or bullying Sven. Luckily, there's Ania, a young interpreter. When Ania decides to leave town, Sven feels that everything is lost..

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